Hi Jeff,

I note you use 'webapps' in your XMLUI modules path, but it should be 'webapp'. That's just one quick hint.. (I'm guessing the typo is in your email rather than in your dspace dirs, but I'm just making sure ;))

Assuming you're using 'webapp', this *should* work fine, unless you're using 1.7 and Mirage. If you're using the Mirage theme, please note that:

- It uses dri2xhtml-alt instead of dri2xhtml (different set of base templates)
- It actually copies all the templates in dri2xhtml-alt into Mirage/lib/xsl, rather than overriding specific templates

So in 1.7 Mirage, you need to make your xsl changes in [dspace]/modules/xmlui/src/main/webapp/themes/Mirage/lib/xsl/...

( if you were trying to edit item display templates, in the past you would have changed or overridden templates in  [dspace]/modules/xmlui/src/main/webapp/themes/dri2xhtml/DIM-Handler.xsl, but in Mirage, you'd change or override [dspace]/modules/xmlui/src/main/webapp/themes/Mirage/lib/xsl/aspect/artifactbrowser/item-view.xsl )

Hope at least some of this helps ;)

Can you confirm that your other changes are making it through (added images, CSS, etc) ?



On 1 March 2011 05:18, Jeffrey Trimble <jatrimble@ysu.edu> wrote:
So, I followed our documentation (and I should know, since I've been the editor/gardener of it for some time) and can't get my
customized dri2xhtml to work.  The theme is fine, but I customized a little of the DRI to get more labels to appear on
the item view page.

I made edit to DIM-Handler.xsl and placed the edited version under:


Compiled it fine, everything looks good.  Brought up tomcat, and no changes.  Not even an error page.  Cleaned out a cache, etc.

Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Jeffrey Trimble
System LIbrarian
William F.  Maag Library
Youngstown State University
330.941.2483 (Office)
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