Hi all,

Two weeks ago I had running Dspace 1.5.2 with the handle server running ok. I decided to update dspace version to 1.6.2, so I looked for documentation about what to do with the handle server and how to bind it to the new version without re-installing it but I had no succes. I suppose re-installing it will require acquiring a new naming authority or something like that.. Anyway, the hole process of installing the handle server if I already have a dspace naming authority wasn't clear...

So I updated Dspace to version 1.6.2 without stopping the handle server, and now I have this problem:

The handle server resolves item URIs that were submitted with dspace 1.5.2 with no truble.

When someone tries to acces item URIs thar were submitted with dspace 1.6.2 (i.e. http://hdl.handle.net/2133/1552) i have the following error:

Error - System Error

The handle you requested --


-- cannot be found.

Please contact us if you wish to report this error. Please include information regarding where you found the handle


Any help, suggestions, recommendations of where to ask are greatly apprecieted