It's not just the publishing world - it's very common across the internet to use email addresses as the login identity - Amazon, Google Accounts, Windows Live, Yahoo, Ebay - I could go on forever.

There are strong advantages to using email addresses for login identities - they are unique and easy to remember. (As in you don't have to remember what id you registered on X because your preferred username had already been taken).

However, the email address is not the primary key to the EPerson store, so there is no reason why the email address can't be updated (it certainly can by admins).


On 17 December 2010 18:20, Andrew Marlow <> wrote:
I realise that it is very common in the publishing world to treat the email address as a the username but I would still like to see dspace support the idea of a user that is identified by userid. Users would have an email address which could be changed without the having to change the userid. Is there any chance of adding this to dspace please? People do change their email addresses from time to time.


Andrew M.

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