Dear DSpacers,
I am puzzled. Perhaps someone can help me. I am running a test instance of DSpace 1.2.1 (stable). The display page for a particular item when the display mode is set to simple (default) stays blank instead of showing the metadata as expected...:
... but is displayed correctly when the display mode is set to full:
ALL the other items show ok, either with the simple or full view....:
I have tried a few things including to reinstate the original display-item.jsp (i.e. not using the modified local version) and to withdraw then reinstate this item through the admin interface... all without success...
It seems that for this item, everything that comes after the <dspace:layout title="<%= title %>"> tag (at the beginning of the display-item.jsp file), even a simple "<p>test</p>" string, will not display....
Any ideas?
Thank you for any suggestions.
Marie-Hélène Vézina
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