Hi Jeff,


1.       [dspace-src]/dspace/modules/jspui/src/main/resources/Messages.properties is the correct location.


2.       Yes – I think you are right about i18n and themes needing to be created by hand (upgrade or fresh installation). As this is the source, there isn’t really any difference between fresh install or upgrade.





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From: Jeffrey Trimble [mailto:jtrimble@cc.ysu.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, 1 July 2009 3:25 a.m.
To: dspace-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Dspace-devel] Documentation--confirmation of information


As I begin to revise the documentation for the next release, I may asking for clarification 

from time to time from those of you who wrote parts of the code.  


Today, I should like to ask if someone will confirm my "hunch".  I'm going to reference

Section 7.2, pg. 115/116 (using the 1.5.2 pdf file).  This has to do with the Source Directory Layout.


1.         The current documentation has under the modules/

                        -- jspui

                        --src/main/resources   It suggests this is where Messages.properties file should reside for the

                        local installation.


            Question/Comment.  Please confirm that this is indeed true.  Personal experience has me placing it in

                        the [dspace-source]/dspace-api/target/classes/Messages.properties  


            If true, I will also make adjustments under the upgrade and installation section to reference this.  It was

            lacking and many users keep asking about the Messages.properties files.  


            I will also make notations regarding the xmlui flavor of the file.


2.         --  xmlui





                        The two directories 'i18n/' and 'themes/' need to be created manually.  At least my installation, as an upgrade, did

            not install this.  


            Question/Comment:  Please confirm that (1) site who perform upgrade will need to create these manually; and, (2) what

            a new, fresh installation will present--that is, will the directories be created automatically or would the user need to create them.



Final comment, I realize that all this will/may/probably change in DSpace 2.0, but many will be up to a year behind upgrades, as we

all know happens with institutions.






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