Hi Janice,


The bad news: at present this function does not exist in 1.5.2 XMLUI. The good news: it does exist in the JSPUI (if you have that running too?) and will exist in 1.6 in the XMLUI.


If you don’t have access to the jspui (you can run it alongside the xmlui) then the only way to perform the move is to do a little bit of database tweaking.


You’ll need to edit the item in the ‘item’ table (update the owning_collection field) and edit the relevant entry in the ‘collection2item’ table. You’ll then need to reindex DSpace using [dspace]/bin/index-update





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From: Janice de Oliveira E Silva Silveira [mailto:janice.silveira@camara.gov.br]
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Subject: [Dspace-tech] how to move an item from one collection to another


Hello everyone,

We are running DSpace 1.5.2 (xmlui). 

I have accidentally added an item to the wrong collection, and now I am looking for a path to move an item from one collection to another. Yes, I can either delete it and add it again, or export/import it but I guess there is another way to do it. But how??? Any thoughts?

Many thanks,

Janice Silveira