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Would anyone like to comment from a DSpace perspective, (see below) regarding current practices. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information around.
We use the standard site map and exclude the Browse screens and Suggest a title, do most other sites do the same?
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Subject: Google harvesting from DigiTool

Dear Members,


A few months ago there was some discussion regarding Google harvesting information from DigiTool – so here is a short update.


The official Google statement stated that Google supports harvesting using OAI-PMH and as DigiTool can serve as an OAI-PMH provider we assumed that harvesting by Google is possible. After a few attempts, and a few discussions with Google (we should thank CJH for doing the effort) we got a clear message that OAI-PMH harvesting is no longer supported and customers should use the standard map site required by Google (personally, I’m not sure if OAI-PMH was ever supported).


As this is the situation, we are working on an enhancement that will allow Google to harvest DigiTool using a site map as required by Google. We have done a few internal testing in the last few weeks and the results are satisfactory. We plan to implement this enhancement at a few sites that have requested just after SP20 and the enhancement will be included in SP21.


You can find some results of our tests if you search “DigiTool Picasso” in Google.


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