Hi Roger


Firstly, what results are you seeing exactly? Error-like or blank?


I can’t give you a definitive answer because I am not familiar with the XML source you are processing, but I can see a couple of problems with syntax:


* The square bracket in your XPath predicate starting with “@element” is not closed. I suspect you want to say something more like “dim:field[@element=’type’]/text()=’Citation’” but again I can’t see your source XML.

* <xsl:if/> is better suited if you are just testing one condition with no alternative conditions or fallback. <xsl:when/> elements must be surrounded by <xsl:choose/> if you haven’t done that.


If that doesn’t fix it and no-one else replies, I can probably help you if you provide the snippet of XML you are processing here.




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From: Roger Gillis [mailto:roger.gillis@gmail.com]
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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out with this issue: I'm looking to display a bit of text to indicate items that are citations only, as opposed to those might contain actual digital items. I'm doing this by submitting an item and indicating the value of dc.type as "Citation." I was hoping then to edit item-list.xsl (I'm using the Mirage theme in Dspace 3.1) to display a bit of text in order to distinguish items that are citations. So far I've got this:

<xsl:when test="dim:field[@element = 'type'/node()='Citation'">
              CITATION ONLY

However, I'm not really seeing any results. Perhaps my use of the <xsl:when> to specify the value of the node is off?

Any help would be appreciated.



Roger Gillis

Archives & Scholarly Communication Librarian

Mount Saint Vincent University Library


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