I am new to dspace and myeclipse.

I am trying to setup a development environment using myeclipse for making some changes to dspace. I followed the guidelines given in the dspace wiki, but not able to deploy the dspace project.


Here are the steps I followed


  1. downloaded dspace 1.4  source file.
  2. In eclipse created new java project( it has be a J2EE or any other project?)
  3. copy the source files into the dspace folder of my workspace
  4. Since it  already had mail.jar, activation.jar and servlets.jar in the lib folder, I left it like that.
  5. Coiped JDBC driver into lib.
  6. updated java build path according to the guidelines given in the wiki website
  7. configured the eclipse to use dspace code style.
  8. When I say deploy, In Manage Deployments window I am not able to select the dspace project as it is not shown in the project dropdown menu.



Can  anyone tell me what I did wrong? Or if I have left out any steps?

I greatly appreciate your help

Thank you