Hi Valorie,

I should be able to make that meeting and I'd be happy to have a conversation with the group about the best way to help.  

We (the RT) will put our heads together about the best way for DCAT to contribute and I'll pass the details on at the meeting.


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On Oct 5, 2012, at 12:06 PM, Valorie Hollister wrote:

Hi 3.0 release team -

I understand that you all are still shooting to cut a 3.0 release candidate next week and holding a testathon starting at some point shortly afterwards.
As luck would have it, the monthly DCAT mtg is on Tues Oct 9 at 10am Eastern. This mtg would be a great opportunity for one of the 3.0 release coordinators to join and provide DCAT with some specific ways they can help. There are several new DCAT members who have never participated in a testathon - so it would be great to have someone walk through how/what DCAT could help test and how to report what they find.

Also, if there is something else DCAT could do to help promote the testathaon -- send promotional/reminders emails, provide testimonials (I tested XYZ and here is how I did it -- it wasn't hard, etc.) -- I'm sure they'd like to know and would do their best to help.

Would any of you be willing to join the DCAT mtg? Besides the testing, is there anything specific DCAT could start working on to help?

Valorie Hollister
Director of Community Programs

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