I managed to remove front page search on Dspace 1.6.2 by using these instructions:


Remove front page search section (on top of the communities, NOT the search box in the navigation menu)

Create a custom module folder: /dspace/modules/xmlui/src/main/resources/aspects;

Copy ArtifactBrowser folder and its sitemap.xmap file from the sources folder to the custom folder;

Comment out the following transformer in sitemap.xmap:

<map:transformer name=”FrontPageSearch” src=”org.dspace.app.xmlui.aspect.artifactbrowser.FrontPageSearch” />


This is not working anymore on 1.7.1.


I also tried to put this line on my dri2xhtml/structural.xsl

<xsl:template match="dri:div[@n='front-page-search']">&#160;</xsl:template>


and it did not solve the problem. Does anyone know how to hide frontpagesearch (search below the communities in Dspace) in Dspace 1.7.1.



Thanks, Jouni



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