Nice work Stuart, and thanks for the pointer.  That should be what I need.

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On Mar 29, 2010, at 4:02 PM, Stuart Lewis wrote:

Hi Sands,

My guess was "just the /login path" since DSpace will forward any page requiring auth to this path, and since Shib is implemented as stackable auth, it would pick up from there and do its work.  

But I haven't seen any examples of this configuration anywhere, and the closest I've seen doesn't line up with this theory:

I think you need to protect /shibboleth-login (or if you use the webapp name in your deployment path, /jspui/shibboleth-login etc).

The Shibboleth code will then kick in when the user visits that URL, which is defined in the loginPageURL method of Once authenticated, it bounces the user back to the URL, tomcat does its stuff, the servlet is used, the shib values read, and the user is logged in.

   public String loginPageURL(Context context, HttpServletRequest request,
           HttpServletResponse response)
       return response.encodeRedirectURL(request.getContextPath()
               + "/shibboleth-login");

As an aside, just in case anyone is interested, I've just finished developing a Java/Tomcat/DSpace Shibboleth solution that doesn't require the use of mod_shib+Apache. It isn't as mature as mod_shib (for example it doesn't currently cope with encrypted NameIDs), but it seems to work fine, and we're about to roll it out to our production servers.

Is it based on the OIOSAML Servlet Filter, so acts at the Tomcat Filter level rather than as an Apache module. If you don't currently front your tomcat instance with apache, it can simplify Shibboleth installation.


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