I’d appreciate any advice at all on this one.


I have a large file (5Gb) that needs to be added as a bitstream to an existing item.


Attempts to upload it through the JSP or XML UIs time out, and the page dies with an “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” in chrome and IE.


In response to that, I’m trying to use the CLI itemupdate


I create an archive using the itemexport function, edit the contents file (with echo filename >> contents), add the file to the archive  and then run



/ir/dspace/bin/dspace dsrun -A --eperson=valid@eperson --source=/usr/local/tomcat/1/testdata –verbose


In return I’m getting:


Add bitstreams

Actions to be performed:

ItemUpdate - initializing run on Thu Oct 31 14:36:26 NZDT 2013


Done processing.  Successful items: 0 of 0 items in source archive




Any ideas why it isn’t adding the bitstream either to the archive or to the item in the repository?


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Anton Angelo

Research Data Co-ordinator

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.


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