Hi all,

I need to move a significant size collection from one DSpace server to another. I have gone through the DSpace 1.6.2 manual and googled quite a bit on this, and I have since a variety of discussions about how to do it and some of the problems. I am still not clear however, and hope that someone can give me a few specific answers. The two instances are on different Linux versions (from Ubuntu to Centos) and different versions of Postgresql (from 8.4 to 8.1 - long story).

I have used the "Export (Migrate) Collection" option in DSpace which has generated a zip file with the requisite information. I assume I now upload this to the new server, unzip it an appropriate location and then run the "dsrun" command with the appropriate options. Could someone confirm and give me the specific switches/options for the "dsrun" in this case?

Also, is there options that can be used with the "dsrun" to export and import only the metadata but not bitstreams for a collection? I have tried using the "Export Metadata" option on the first server and and then the "Import Metadata" option on the second instance but that keeps failing with an "unknown error".