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You can use HTML tags <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup> for displaying in web browser, although if you copy that text to simple text editor you will loose formatting. In mathematics it is common to use (when using plain text) ^ for superscript, like x^2, and _ for index, like x_i

2009/12/14 S Nieminen <S.Nieminen@bradford.ac.uk>

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Can anyone advise me on how to include non-standard characters in the dc.abstract field - or any field at all – when creating a bib record in Dpsace , please? For example, I have an abstract with entries like the following



but the superscript “l” does not carry through when I copy and paste from e.g. a Word document or from the web. What I end up having is GF(pl). There are many occasions like this where we wish to include mathematical characters that simply won’t transfer to DSpace.








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