It appears you are naming your database "seayourhistory"? Its looking for a database called "dspace".  If your just testing out DSpace, I'd recommend just using the default "dspace".  The challenge is that is is not able to find it when completing the installation, you can change the configuration in your dspace.cfg to point at "seayourhistory", its your choice.

     [java] org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: database "dspace" does not exist


On Jan 31, 2009, at 9:50 AM, Zico wrote:

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Diggory Mark <> wrote:
Yes, you need to initially create the "dspace" user and "dspace database before running fresh install

I have already done it by the command:

For creating dspace user: createuser -U postgres -d -A -P dspace
For creating database: createdb -U dspace -h -W -e -E UNICODE seayourhistory