Dear All
I've been asked to do a presentation on Preservation for an event to be held on the 12th December. It’s only a short 10/15 minute session with 5 minutes for questions. Details on the event can be found here: .

The session itself will be focussed on three repository platforms, DSpace, EPrints and Fedora and the mechanisms and services they provide to assist with preservation.  I'm looking for how to pitch this presentation to reflect DSpace and the foundation's stance on preservation now and for the future.

For obvious reasons, many aspects of preservation strategy lies with organisational policy but this presentation is to look at additional software tools, architecture and policy within DSpace that can assist this. Previous presentations have had highlighted that DSpace makes use of the following:

Checksum Checker
Provenance Metadata
Bitstream Format Registry
DSpace Foundation (a focal point raising preservation issues)

I found this MIT presentation useful (although its dated 2004) :

I'm looking for any advice and guidance that preservation experts in the DSpace community have with a view to preservation in DSpace now and for the future. How should this preservation be pitched - Any thoughts welcome!

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