Tim, thank you for all of your thought into this.  I agree that we should use all of the meetings to get 3.0 in order.  There is always far more conversation than is expected (and/or sometimes reasonable) surrounding unexpected topics.  I am very interested in seeing the large contributions to 3.0 ASAP, otherwise it is not fair to expect the developer community to review the work sufficiently in a short amount of time.  

Release Team, does anyone have preferences on how to proceed from here?  What the big topics should be?  

I'm ok with splitting up JIRA tickets to review.  We'll just have to set a time to hash through them.

sands fish
Senior Software Engineer
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On Jul 19, 2012, at 2:14 PM, Tim Donohue wrote:

One last thing I neglected to mention...

Of course, the role of the Release Team is to *facilitate* these 3.0
decisions & the release in general. So, obviously, you should also feel
free to pull in other volunteers (committers/developers) to help out
with any upcoming 3.0 tasks that need to happen before Feature Freeze.
These tasks need not all be performed by the Release Team. I'm sure
other committers would gladly pitch in on specific tasks, once it is
determined which tasks need addition support.

Definitely let me know if there's any questions or ways I can help out.

- Tim

On 7/19/2012 12:44 PM, Tim Donohue wrote:
Hi All,

I just wanted to "casually" point out that we now have only 4 scheduled
DSpace Developer meetings before the 3.0 Feature Freeze (Fri, Aug 17):

* Weds, July 25
* Weds, Aug 1
* Weds, Aug 8 (NOTE: Tim will be unable to attend this meeting)
* Weds, Aug 15

Currently the agendas for any/all these meetings are completely open.
Obviously, 3.0 needs to be the concentration of *all* of these meetings.

So, I'm wondering if there's topics/features that the 3.0 Release Team
would like to schedule for these coming meetings?

We also have the option of scheduling some of these as Skype-based
(voice) meetings instead of normal IRC-based (text-only) meetings.

I'm really leaving this up to all of you -- I'm willing to restructure
these meetings however you'd like. I'd highly recommend we try to
schedule/pencil in some topics to concentrate on.

Because time is limited, we also may want to kick off some more
immediate discussions via email as well.

Some 3.0 topics that may still need discussing (just what I can think
of, there are likely more):
* Concentrated discussion / decision on some major proposed features

* Perhaps scheduling/proritization of those features? -- so everything
isn't committed on Fri 8/17.  Or, so that one or more of us aren't stuck
committing/merging 10 Pull Requests on a single day.

* More formalized reviews of existing Pull Requests (which are "in" for
3.0 and which are "out"), or assigning folks to review them?

* Perhaps splitting up unreviewed JIRA tickets amongst several of us, so
that we can do a quick "survey" of open tickets (esp. those with
patches) in order to find those that may be "quick fixes" for 3.0.

* Figuring out who needs to keep in touch with contributors of features,
so that we can remind contributors as need be for Documentation, getting
a Pull Request in/updated/committed, etc.

That is just totally off the top of my head. Some of these tasks could
likely be done via email (or even a separate IRC/Skype meeting, if 3.0
Release Team wanted to have a separate meeting at some point in the
coming weeks).

I just want to make sure we make the most of our Developer Meeting time
in the coming weeks. So, please feel free to suggest 3.0 topics that
need to be covered. I'll gladly put them at the *top* of our meeting

- Tim

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