Here is the question about DSpace integration and interoperability with other systems.

After introduced by our colleagues from Sweden. We are now carry out a prototype study on the integration and interoperability of three different e-learning systems working together i.e.

(a) European Dynamic (ED) e-learning system- IMS compliant Learning Management System (open source -oriented)
(b) Dspace - for e-repository purpose
(c) Cerebyte Digital Coaching system- Intel-based, and Intel-compatible systems product. Microsoft compatible product
This is for a Intecilites Integrate Project- European Framework 6 project.
We have a number of questions here.
1. How can these systems work together in the issues of integration and interoperability e.g. import/export learning materials and learner data?

2. The information I got it here shows me the main difference between DSpace and ED’s e-Learning Document Manager functionality is the support for various standards that are used for content indexing. However, most of these standards are not globally adopted (like DCMI), rather are developed for specific usage for particular consortium or organization. Can both systems achieve integration?

3. Also, a main integration issue appears to be that Dspace uses exclusively PostgreSQL database specific features for some of its functionalities, so it requires code intervention to support other databases for instance, system (a) and (b).

Thank you for time. I am looking forward to hear from you.


Andy Wong
Research Fellow
Napier University