2009/10/13 Walker, David <dwalker@calstate.edu>
Hi Luciano,

I don't believe there are any MARC21 -> DC Crosswalks out there -- at least not exactly.

The Library of Congress maintains a MARC-XML -> (unqualified) Dublin Core XSLT.  So if you can convert the MARC21 to MARC-XML, you'd have a relatively simple path to Dublin Core.

Are you looking to batch load MARC records together with digital objects into DSpace?  That is ultimately a rather different question, since DSpace has its own schema for such things.
Dave, thanks for your answer!,

so I think that I need, as you say, a batch load MARC-XML records (but without digital objects, that will be added in the "ongoing subsmission" that should be the result of the batch process) into DSpace.. I will read again the Chapter 2 of the DSpace manual.. I know now that I don't need to transform the record to Dublin Core (-:


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does anyone knows if there is a MARC21 to Dublin Core crosswalk available somewhere for me to download? I saw an old post in this list [1], I've contacted Margret (from that mail) and she suggested that I ask here, so if anyone knows I'll appreciate,

thank you very much..
[1] http://mailman.mit.edu/pipermail/dspace-general/2004-May/000216.html