I am trying to get Active Directory LDAP integration up and running with DSpace v1.4.1.
Jayan Chirayath Kurian has kindly provided me with a copy of an ADAuthentication.java plugin written by Kyle Brenthall (along with implementation instructions - thanks Kyle, by the way :-) ).
Following Kyle's instructions to Jayan, I have added the plug-in code, made the required code additions to Utils.java, added the config info to dspace.cfg, and added ADAuthentication to the authentication plugin sequence (as the first option followed by PasswordAuthentication).
However, when I now try to access "My DSpace" to test it out, rather than being presented with a login page, I am getting a "Choose a Login Method" page, which asks me to 'choose one of these ways to login' - however there are no options to choose from, so I am not able to proceed.
Anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or what I should be tweaking in order to get past this screen?
In his email to Jayan, Kyle says "The module uses the 'normal' screen to gather the username and password", so this is what I'm trying to get at . . . .
Any thoughts, suggestions, or pointers welcome!

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