Hi all,
i'm working with 1.5.1 version -with the jspui- and i'm dealing with the following problem:
 i have been trying to get the redirection in the jspui from the 'ldap-form.jsp' (where the ldap authorization is acquired) not to the '/mydspace' page but to '/community-list.jsp' page.
i've looked through the JSPs and java files which are relative to ldap&authorization for a link like '/mydspace' but didn't find anything execpt one in the 'authenticate.java'file but this is not for this specific redirection. Has anyone found it?
In the xmlui these is a parameter for that called xmlui.user.loginredirect but what about the jspui?
How/where(=in which file) can i declare which url should a user be directed to after he/she has logged into the system?

Merry Xmas,
Mavroudi Anna

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