I have the same problem and also for me it has been an ongoing problem since moving from 1.2

In my [dspace]/config/dspace.cfg I have the parameters
written by Robert Tansley in the mail below
Now, when DSpace crashes, I make a startup of tomcat, but for a production
server this is not a good thing.
I you want I can send you my log or any other information you need
My installation of DSpace is here http://dspace-unipr.cilea.it:8080/index.jsp


At  28/01/2005 21.07, Damian Marinaccio wrote:
I did find these in the source directory a few minutes after I sent
them... However it has not fixed the problem... I have it set to 64
connections both there and in the postgres.conf files and it still
crashes at about 28 - 33 connections. Is there any other debug/log
information I can provide to make this easier for you to troubleshoot?
It has been an ongoing problem for us since moving to 1.2

Damian Marinaccio
RIT Library

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> I cant seem to find where in the documentation it says how to tweak
> the dspace.cfg. I know it used to be there, but isn't now.
> Could you please provide a link to it if it has been moved?

That'd be because it's not in the docs!!!  Oops.

There are default values in the dspace.cfg distributed with the code,
but if you're transferring a config from a previous version they won't
be there (and they don't have to be there for the system to work.)

Would someone like to add them to the docs somewhere? ;-)

These are the params:

# Connection pool parameters

# Maximum number of DB connections in pool db.maxconnections = 30

# Maximum time to wait before giving up if all connections in pool are
busy (milliseconds) db.maxwait = 5000

# Maximum number of idle connections in pool (-1 = unlimited) db.maxidle
= -1

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