While reconfiguring our Lucene indexes via the Dspace.cfg file I think I have stumbled on a
glitch in the advance searching page.

When you click down the search box to search by "Identifier", you get null results.  The
search sent is ((identifier:something)).  The correct search should have been ((id:something)).

We are running 1.3.2.

You need to change the advanced.jsp file. You will find the line :
 <option value="id" <%= field1.equals("identifier") ? "select
ed=\"selected\"" : "" %>><fmt:message key="jsp.search.advanced.type.id"/></option>

Change the option value to "id".  You will need to perform this change two more times in that
code (field1, field2, and field3)

Jeffrey A. Trimble
Systems Librarian
Youngstown State University
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