Keiji, I'm guessing you meant to say that "if the former is true, we will *not* be able to change to XOAI" ?

sands fish
Senior Software Engineer
MIT Libraries
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On Jul 25, 2012, at 1:23 AM, SUZUKI Keiji wrote:


It seems there are two problems in the current XOAI about its

1) It seems XOAI ignores authority and confidence data of metadata.
   Many Japanese repositories use these data to identify the author
   in the crosswalk for the domestic metadata format.

2) The form of bitstreams' url are for XMLUI although we set JSPUI as a
  "bitstreams.baseUrl" property  in the xoai.cfg.

The latter is a trivial and seems to be easy to fix, but if the former 
is true, we will be able to change to XOAI.

Keiji Suzuki
Ebetsu, Japan

2012/7/20 DSpace @ Lyncode <>
Yes, the default context (/request) is 100% backward-compatible.

On 19 July 2012 17:01, Sands Alden Fish <> wrote:
Forgive my ignorance here, but just wanted to be clear.  Is the new OAI 100% backward-compatible, so that it includes all of the feature-set and identical interfaces/URL spaces that the original implementation has?

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