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On 01/12/2012, at 2:18 PM, Sands Alden Fish <sands@MIT.EDU> wrote:

Dear DSpace Community, 

On behalf of the DSpace developers, I would like to formally announce that DSpace 3.0 is now available! 

DSpace 3.0 can be downloaded immediately at either of the following locations: 

* SourceForge:
* GitHub:  (see the "dspace-3.0" tag)

In addition, you are welcome to try out DSpace 3.0 on and continue to provide any early feedback you may have. 

DSpace 3.0 follows 1.8 in being a "time-based" release. The developers have packed in some significant new features and numerous bug fixes. 

== New Features and Improvements in 3.0 == 

DSpace 3.0 is a huge release!  Here is a list of some of the many contributions...

* Completely rewritten OAI-PMH interface (now compatible with Driver and Open-AIRE)
* Improvements to Solr-based Statistics (including Workflow & Search Query Statistics)
* Batch import for bibliographic formats (e.g. EndNote, BibTeX, RIS, TSV, CSV)
* Controlled Vocabulary support for XMLUI
* Google Analytics support for JSPUI
* More secure password storage
* Enhancements to Discovery Search & Browse (including hit highlighting, search snippets, related items, and JSPUI support)
* Item Level Versioning for XMLUI
* Advanced Embargo options for XMLUI (time based restrictions on bitstreams and metadata)
* Mobile Theme for XMLUI (beta)
* Type-based submissions (show or hide submission fields based on type of content)
* ElasticSearch-based Usage Statistics (alternative to Solr Statistics)
* Improvements to LDAP authentication

For much more information on each of these features, please visit our 3.0 Release Notes:

== 3.0 Documentation == 

The DSpace 3.0 documentation is available online at:

A PDF copy of the documentation is still distributed with the software.   In addition, it can also be downloaded from:

== 3.0 Acknowledgments == 

The DSpace application would not exist without the hard work and support of the community. Thank you to the many developers who have worked very hard to deliver all the new features and improvements. Also thanks to the users who provided input and feedback on the development, as well those who participated in the testathons. Additionally I would like to thank Tim Donohue of DuraSpace for ensuring that DSpace 3.0 went off without a hitch. 

A detailed listing of all known people/institutions who contributed directly to DSpace 3.0 is available in the Preface of the DSpace Documentation:  (If you contributed and were accidentally not listed, please let us know so that we can correct it!) 

For DSpace 3.0, we had a total of 41 individuals contribute code, bug reports, and bug fixes.  Of those 41 individuals, a surprising 23 of them were brand new contributors!  A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated for the first time.  We hope you'll continue to be a valuable addition to the DSpace community for the next release and beyond!

== More Information == 

More information on this release is also available in the DSpace 3.0 Release Notes at:

As always, we are happy to hear back from the community about DSpace -- please let us know what you think of 3.0! 

Sands Fish, on behalf of the DSpace 3.0 Release Team, and all the DSpace developers.

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