Hi Matt,

On 16/02/13 03:18, Drover, Matt wrote:
Andrea, that worked perfectly, thanks!

Excellent :)

What sections would I need to include to read the collection the item is
in ?

I can't think of a way for you to get this information in a similar manner -- if you look at the mets.xml of an item (without appending any extra arguments to the URL), it doesn't actually contain this information (http://demo.dspace.org/xmlui/metadata/handle/10673/209/mets.xml works for me right now but I'm not sure when the automatic re-set of the demo server happens). You could try to get that information from the DRI and then do the usual trick of storing the information in a variable and passing it in to the appropriate template. Except, I think in "item list" situations, even the DRI doesn't contain that information (from http://demo.dspace.org/xmlui/DRI/):

<div id="aspect.discovery.SiteRecentSubmissions.div.site-home" rend="primary repository" n="site-home">
  <div id="aspect.discovery.SiteRecentSubmissions.div.site-recent-submission" rend="secondary recent-submission" n="site-recent-submission">
    <head>Recently Added</head>
    <referenceSet id="aspect.discovery.SiteRecentSubmissions.referenceSet.site-last-submitted" rend="recent-submissions" n="site-last-submitted" type="summaryList">
      <reference repositoryID="10673" type="DSpace Item" url="/metadata/handle/10673/612/mets.xml"/>
      <reference repositoryID="10673" type="DSpace Item" url="/metadata/handle/10673/611/mets.xml"/>
      <reference repositoryID="10673" type="DSpace Item" url="/metadata/handle/10673/610/mets.xml"/>
      <reference repositoryID="10673" type="DSpace Item" url="/metadata/handle/10673/608/mets.xml"/>
      <reference repositoryID="10673" type="DSpace Item" url="/metadata/handle/10673/607/mets.xml"/>

As you can see, this refers directly to the mets.xml for the 5 most recently submitted items and doesn't mention the collection(s) of those items at all.

What do you want to use this for? Maybe someone can think of a different way to achieve what you want.

Dr Andrea Schweer
IRR Technical Specialist, ITS Information Systems
The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand