To the DSpace Community,

At the DSpace user group meeting last month, people said they'd like to have more communication among members of the DSpace community. With that in mind, we would like to broaden the reach of the DSpace Federation website,, to include more content created by the DSpace community.  MIT is currently managing the DSpace Federation website and we could use your help.

First we need to know exactly how the community uses the content on and what content you need. Send us your impressions of the site and ideas for new content. Be as specific as possible.

* What do you like or not like about

* What would you like us to keep and what content should we get rid of?

Example "I like the elevator pitch, but I need more details on financial planning or service policies."  or  "I'm a one-man-band at my university - are there service providers or consultants I can hire to help me out?" 

Even more helpful:  "I have a user survey I'd like to share with the community. How can I add it to the site?"

Less helpful, but every voice counts: "It seems a little blah to me. I can't quite say why."

* Send us your ideas on how to include content from the community - are there web content management tools you've used that work well? Any volunteers to manage the content, etc. How would you make the site more dynamic?

* Do you have content you want to contribute?

Reply to Julie Walker at MIT ( -- we'll collect the information and share the results with the community.

Thanks very much for sharing your impressions and ideas for improvements.

Julie Harford Walker
MIT Libraries