Hi Suzanne,

MIT is planning to implement theses in DSpace later this summer.  We plan to add thesis.advisor to the DC registry and then index it separately as a fielded search in advanced search so that it can be searched separately from author.  Data from our existing e-thesis implementation shows that users have asked for the ability to search by advisor and also by degree-granting department, which we will also add to our registry and index separately.  When we have the final version of our thesis metadata ready I'd be glad to send it to the list. By the way, this change will not be made to the open source distribution of the code.

Margret Branschofsky

At 01:20 PM 7/1/2004 -0400, Suzanne Bell wrote:
Hello DSpace folks-

 We're beginning to get into adding some theses to DSpace, and I'm a
bit stalled over how best to (or if to) include the thesis advisor
I know there's a metadata element called "contributor.advisor" - meant
for this information (yes?) - but when you use that, in the simple
display, the advisor name appears with the author's name, there's no
distinction. It looks like they are both authors, and this- um, well, I
just don't like it. (If I were the thesis author and saw this, I think
I'd feel upset!) If you look at the full detailed display, yes, they are
distinguished (contributor.author, contributor.advisor).

 So I was looking at how some other sites handled this - Cornell has
put this info in the "Description" field, which would work for me;
Drexel notes the type is "thesis" but doesn't include the advisor name
information (which is fine too).

 Just wondered what other peoples' thoughts were on this.
 Many thanks!

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