first of all thanks for your help

I'll wait for the reply of the researchers at Google that work with you

As Boon Low suggested, I've submited the 'title-browse', 'community-collection-browse' and 'author-browse' pages of DSpace@Unipr directly to Google for indexing for the time being...


At 01/09/2004 23.13, MacKenzie Smith wrote:
Hi Daniela,

Actually, Google walks a DSpace site by following links from the browse indexes (e.g. title browse) so it normally *does* index all the metadata from the item pages,
as well as the bitstreams that are linked from them. If I pick a random DSpace@MIT item, say http://hdl.handle.net/1721.1/1508 and then search "1721.1/1508" in Google
(or any other metadata from that item) it returns the item record as the first hit (with the OCLC version of the item record that they build using OAI as hit #2).
This is working for other DSpace sites too (e.g. ANU -- search 1885/39969 in Google, or HKUST -- search 1783.1/176, and so on).

In fact, I can't get any hits in Google from community titles on your DSpace home page, so it appears that Google isn't actually indexing your DSpace site at all,
except for some *parts* of your home page. This might be some sort of robots.txt problem, but I'll email the researcher at Google that we work with to see if he has any theories about this...


At 10:30 AM 8/31/2004 +0100, Boon Low wrote:
Hi Daniella,

This is because the item pages are generated dynamically from the repository. Google only indexed static pages on the web. In order for Google to find the items, you may either need to provide a static page to all the items.. e.g. providing (submit to Google) a webpage containing hard coded URLs for all single items pages.. I don't think Google is that intelligent to find the item pages via the DSpace front-end.. (requires automatic search of all possible items and indexes!).


Boon Low
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Edinburgh University Library

On 31 Aug 2004, at 09:59, Daniela Dragone wrote:

Hi to all,
I've a problem with google.
Google finds the home page of my installation of DSpace (
but it can't find single items, for example
If I insert, for example, the title of this item in the search bar, Google finds other related pages but not the page of the item in dspace.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance


       Dott.ssa Daniela Dragone
          CILEA - www.cilea.it


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