Dear DSpace Community - 

At the request of the DSpace Committers and Developers, the DSpace Community Advisory Team or DCAT ( has begun an effort to build a community consensus on improving the metadata support in future DSpace releases. Because there are many different issues, both from an organizational/policy perspective, as well from a code development perspective, we ask for your input to help clarify the priority and focus. 

Below is a link to a brief survey. For this survey we are most interested in identifying which challenges could and should be tackled first. Please do your best to indicate the highest priority level issues for your organization, recognizing that if everything is a priority then there may not be a clear starting point. So even if all of these issues are very important to you, please try to focus on which ones would make your life or the lives of your users and management significantly easier.

Of course, improvements to metadata support in DSpace can move along faster the more people we have working on the effort. Included in the survey are questions regarding whether you or your organization are willing to contribute time towards the effort, either as a repository manager (as a subject matter expert) or as a developer. We welcome all help, even it if is just to review the progress and provide feedback.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Survey link:

-The DSpace Community Advisory Team