I have one (final, I hope) problem. Mark's suggestion is working nicely, except that I need to apply a DocType declaration to my output and Saxoutputter ignores DTD events. So, while I can use JDOM to apply the declaration, it doesn't survive Sax. Is there any other way to render the DocType using JDOM?

I can set xsl:output in my stylesheet, but then I think I'd have to iterate through a collection of items to build a "raw" document of dim:dim elements and then do a second transform somehow invoking a plain ol' XSLT transformer with my crosswalk stylesheet to perform a second transform.

I haven't figured out yet how to setup the plain ol' transformer using my stylesheet but it seems it should be something like this

              DisseminationCrosswalk nlmxwalk = (DisseminationCrosswalk)PluginManager.getNamedPlugin(DisseminationCrosswalk.class,"nlm");

              XSLTransformer nlmtx = nlmxwalk.getTransformer("dissemination");

              nlmdoc = nlmtx.transform(dimdoc);



Jason Stirnaman
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>>> On 9/21/2011 at 01:49 AM, in message <CAMA9Da6i21cXg55Eri5TwuqDB8Z9eLP8tAj4_7bgMSGOSg1APg@mail.gmail.com>, Mark Diggory <mdiggory@atmire.com> wrote:


Ok, in this case you don't need a packager, what you need is a Cocoon
Generator that renders the Crosswalk to the browser.

Take a look at the OREGenerator...

It will show how to generate the crosswalk into Cocoon.  You'll find
the Cocoons configuration for the ore.xml generator in the default

<map:match pattern="metadata/handle/*/*/ore.xml**">
                                <map:generate type="DSpaceOREGenerator">
                                        <map:parameter name="handle"
                                        <map:parameter name="extra"
                                <map:serialize type="xml"/>


On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 2:35 PM, Jason Stirnaman <jstirnaman@kumc.edu> wrote:
> Here's the follow-up to my previous question.
> I have a crude (but useable) XSLT crosswalk ("nlm") in DSpace. It transforms
> DIM metadata to fit the NLM Journal Publishing profile. I can test the
> output successfully with OAI-PMH.
> As it turns out, I don't really need to export bitstreams. I just need the
> metadata for a set of items within a collection that would be specified by
> the end-user/Community Owner. So, if I want just the crosswalk output for
> that set of items and I don't want the OAI protocol wrapper or the
> bitstreams, then do I still need a custom packager for that as in Mark's
> IMSCP example? I expect the answer is yes.
> I think what 'm really wanting is to be able to call the crosswalk as a
> method on the collection, in a RESTful way, and return the output as a
> single XML document for the collection containing each of the transformed
> items.
> Conjured example: handle/2271/883/nlm.xml or nlm/handle/2271/883
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