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We are definitely in a similar situation.  In one of our projects, we have a collection of materials that was originally stored on floppy disks.  The documents were transferred to a shared drive, so access to the files could be distributed amongst a group of people.  Various individuals are then able to access a shared Excel Workbook (stored on the same drive as the files), which is setup to collect metadata.

I developed some documentation for the process we're using.  It's available at https://dekiwiki.lib.uci.edu/User:cneiswen/Rorty_Project . Essentially, this outlines how we are getting from docs on a shared drive through metadata creation, through submission (using bulk upload). 

I tend to be a little cautious, and want to QC things extensively. So, we're using step 2 in the DSpace workflow process, just to be sure that what is automatically generated (and bulk loaded) looks correct once it has been uploaded.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if I can provide any additional info (or if you have streamlined procedures that we might be able to adapt...).

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Subject: [Dspace-general] what is your metadata workflow?
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I’m curious to find out how other DSpace members are managing their workflow. We are considering not using the built-in DSpace workflow (for various reasons I will not detail here). The thinking is that we will batch import groups of items instead of doing one at a time.


We have students who can write the basic metadata, and a digital content specialist who writes the more complex metadata such as abstract/keyword information.


I would like to know if anyone else has a similar situation where two or more people are writing metadata without using the DSpace workflow – and if you are in that situation, can you describe your workflow to me? I’m trying to figure out the best arrangement.


Thanks in advance!


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