Larry, thanks for the info.  Do you use the automatic updates and if so don't they wipe out some of your changes?
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>>> Larry Stone <> 12/14/2007 1:22 PM >>>
>    My IT manager would like to know if anyone out there is running an =
> older version of Red Hat that was working with a fully Red Hat Enterprise =
> License (RHEL) supported base?  We are aware of the entry in the wiki =

I run my development and test environments on RHEL AS 4, and have no
problems with the OS.  However, I install the rest of the software stack
- Postgres 8.2.x from the binary RPMs on
  (there's one little protection glitch in 8.2.5 -- note you need these:)
- Java 1.6 from Sun (
- Tomcat 5.5 direct from its online distro
- maven from

You'll need apache httpd as well, which ought to be available as an RPM
from redhat.  I've had no problems, but my sites don't get a lot of traffic..

    -- Larry