You can create admin accounts by running the command 


where [dspace] is the folder where you installed dspace, as it is showed in the "Quick Installation Steps" section of the documentation.

 Can you send the technical questions about dspace to dspace-tech list at dspace-tech@lists.sourceforge.net from now on? The dspace-general mailing list is more for non-technical aspects of DSpace.


Fabio Batalha wrote:
Thanks, its work well!!

Now I have another doubt!

After install the DSpace it creates a default admin user to log at the admin area by the first time?

or I need to creat this user in the database?


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  Hi Fabio,

  The admin interface is at [your server's URL]/dspace-admin, for example http://yourdomain.com:8080/dspace/dspace-admin. 
  It is mentioned in the documentation at the end of the "Quick Installation Steps" http://dspace.org/technology/system-docs/install.html#installsteps.
  You can also find information on how to administer DSpace at [your server's URL]/help/site-admin.html, or in the Help section of the admin interface, or by accessing the Admin Help link from any community/collection home page, after you log in as an administrator.

  I hope this helps,

  Fabio Batalha wrote:


I did the instalation of the dspace, I would like to know if exist any graphic interface for the admin tasks.
I didn´t found any documentation related about the management of the dspace.

Fabio Batalha
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