Hi everyone

Apologies for the cross posting, but I wanted to alert you to an excellent article in the current D-Lib:

Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories
by Nancy Fried Foster and Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester


Here's an excerpt:

Rather than approach faculty with a set, one-size-fits-all promotional spiel, these library liaisons operate under the guidance that a personalized, tailored approach works best. As we learned from the work-practice study, what faculty members care most about is their research. Expressing interest in their research, for example by reading a recent article by the faculty member prior to the meeting and then asking a couple of questions about the work, will get their attention and will usually stimulate a very enthusiastic conversation. Throughout the conversation, the library liaison is listening for opportunities to demonstrate how the benefits of the IR respond directly to the faculty member's web-related research needs. For example, when the faculty member relates frustration over a broken website link, the library liaison can explain that each document in the IR has a unique and stable URL.

By contrast to the language previously used to describe the features and benefits of the IR, we are now describing the IR in language drawn from faculty interviews. Thus, we tell faculty that the IR will enable them to...

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