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The way I understand it, you don't have to create a group for workflow and give it write permissions. If you edit a collection, when you click on "create"  for the desired Workflow step  group, a group is automatically created and I usually just add the epeople. The workflow group created has the appropriate privileges and the epeople belonging to it, will be allowed to approve the submissions for inclusion.
Another thing you can try is to check the policies for the collection you are submitting to, or to remove all the workflow steps and see if you can submit at all to that collection. In case you get an "Internal Error" message check the dspace.log file to see where the problem started

I hope this helps and please fell free to email me or call me for any further question.

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Mark Jordan wrote:

If anyone on either list would like to share how they have set up authorizations for the type of workflow I describe below,
I'd be very grateful to hear how you've done it, either on- or off-list(s).


On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 09:15:05AM -0800, Mark Jordan wrote:

I am having difficulty understanding how authorizations work. Please bear with me while I explain what I have done so far. The
workflow I am striving for is to allow faculty to upload material and a designate in the department to edit metadata and
approve for inclusion.

I have created a group called "Uploaders", who have Add authorizations on the relevant collection, and a group called
"Gatekeepers", who have Write authorizations on the collection.

For this collection, I have only defined workflow step 2. The Gatekeeper group is indicated in the collection workflow editor,
and using the Authorizations tool I can see that the policies for the collection indicate that Uploaders have Add permissions
and Gatekeepers have Write permissions. 

Members of the Uploaders group can upload items into the authorized collection. Members of the Gatekeepers group can edit
metadata and reject a submission, but not approve the submission for inclusion.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible that there is a problem with my installation (I'm using 1.1.1)? I thought that 
Write permission with only workflow step 2 defined would allow approval, rejection, and editing of metadata by members of that 


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