We managed to do a fresh install 1.5 successfully without the issues mentioned below, thus a stable and solid system.


But whilst testing the upgrading process, we encountered a few issues.  I am also following/proofreading the dspace manual, so I am pretty sure I am not missing anything.


We sucessfully ran the SQL indexing update scripts for upgrading our Dspace 1.3.2 installation to 1.4 and then to 1.5, but noticed the following:

·        the additional Bit Stream Registries that are included with 1.5, are not in our PostgreSQL database
(we know there are 73 Bit Stream registries because we did a separate test install of 1.5). 
It seems these additional rows in the Postgres database are not included in the update sql scripts like they
are present in the create database schema sql scripts for fresh installations. 

·        In addition, we receive internal errors on the following links:

o       Titles search/sort

o       Item Issue indexes don't work with our upgraded data, but they do work on the fresh install

o       Withdrawn Items


In regard to the SQL problem we need to know if we have missed something, or is an additional step omitted from the upgrade instructions?  If not either, how does one go about updating your tables?  We are also confident that the other issues are sql related, especially withdrawn items, which should be empty…



Trust to hear from the community,