We have the statistics that come with the DSpace distribution setup for our IR at Georgia Tech and are looking for ways to get more information out of it. In particular I am interested in getting information per item, possibly bitstream, in terms of how often it was viewed/downloaded. In addition it would be interesting to see which collections/communities generate the most interest. And of cause filtering access from IR administrators/robots  or even from within our library would be  very useful.

I believe providing individual view/download stats (how often. from where) could be a BIG selling point for researchers/departments. This is info they do not usually get when they put their docs on their web sites and certainly is something  one would like to brag about if the numbers look good.

I tried to install the MinHo package (unsuccessfully, I make a separate post for that)  and had a brief look at the package from ANU.

Can anybody give a quick opinion on the difference between  or similarities of these packages ?

I understand that both packages  keep a record of transactions/interactions with a dspace instance inside the instance's database. Our instance receives quite a bit of traffic, this month we already had 140,000 itemviews and 100,00 bitstreams views.  Collection, community views  and Searches are all comparably few ranging between 7,000 to 16,000 this month. 


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