Please excuse my ignorance but I am new to digital libraries... I do not see any reference in the space usage statistics to COUNTER. See for the detailed COUNTER specs. COUNTER stands for Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources. It is trying to become *the* standard for the usage statistics associated with digital libraries.

I strongly suspect that COUNTER is new to Dspace. I wonder if Dspace will consider adding COUNTER-compliant reports to its existing usage statistics. What is the best way to formally propose this please?

IMO the COUNTER specs are lacking in some serious ways. But there is no std alternative that I know of. And the more COUNTER is used the better it will become, hopefully. Examples of sub-optimal areas of COUNTER include:

The use of proprietary file formats such as Microsoft Excel
The English (UK) format for dates (instead of ISO 8601).
Little or no provision for internationalisation

Despite these issues (and maybe others) I hope Dspace will consider adopting it for additional statistics reports.


Andrew M.