Can you qualify what version of DSpace you are using (soon we will also need to ask whether you are also using jspui or xmlui).


On Dec 21, 2007, at 12:23 PM, Blanco, Jose wrote:

A user has noticed that while attempting to retrieve a bitstream from
our Dspace instance their firewall blocked the returned information due
to our system sending a duplicate "Content-length" in the http header.  

They pointed out that duplicate items in the http header can sometimes
form part of an attempt to inject malicious code to a web browser -
hence their system blocks such web responses.

Via a perl script that makes a request for bitstreams using LWP I
confirmed that there were two Content-length's being returned.  It seems
like only one should be returned.  Has any one encountered this?  Is
there a fix for this?  Any opinions?



Mark R. Diggory - DSpace Systems Manager
MIT Libraries, Systems and Technology Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology