Hi Eric,

There are several meetings and trainings coming up.  You can find them all listed with more detail on the website at www.dspace.org, there is a calender right on the home page where we try to keep track of all pertinent DSpace related activities.

Here are some key ones to consider:
-The next DSpace user group meeting is in Southhampton, UK April 3,4  It is part of the OR2008 meeting, so there will be many people and presentations regarding repositories.  However there is 1.5 days dedicated to a DSpace user group meeting
-There will also be a meeting April 27-April 30 in Minnesota sponsored by JA-SIG  "Open source solutions for higher education"  During the Sunday-there will be DSpace training on 1.5 and designing with Manakin ( for the developer community).
-There is also another technical and user training planned at JCDL upcoming in Pittsburgh in June 2008.

You can also find training materials to get you started on DSpace at our website at: 

NITLE also offers training on a regular basis geared toward repository managers and administrators.  If you are a member of NITLE you can participate and we are working with them to see if they will allow members of the community to join in.

Hope that helps as a start!


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We're new to DSpace, is there a North American User Group for DSpace?  Do
they plan on meeting this year?  Also, does anyone know of a site that
offers technical training on DSpace?

Thanks in advance.