I also found this very strange, but i never complaint because the Horde Webmail  has a nice feature, called "Reply to List", that i use very often.


Quoting Christian Voelker <C.Voelker@gmx.net>:

> Hello,
> as I am actively following the list these days
> I am slightly annoyed with the header settings
> of the list. I have got the feeling that they
> are misconfigured as they are. Prove me wrong
> if I havent got the list policy right, but that
> is how it looks to me right now.
> Other *discussion* lists (as opposed to *announce-
> ment* lists) I am actively participating in have
> the reply-to header set to the list address.
> Dspace-tech does not have a reply-to header and
> the from-line is not rewritten to the list address
> (and should not be). I have searched the list
> archive whether this had been discussed before
> and I am really astonished that I couldnt find
> anything and that everybody seems to be happy.
> The result of a missing reply-to header is that
> you have to use the reply-all function of your
> mail client to answer back to the list, which
> seems unnatural. In most cases, answers seem
> to be sent in private mail as implied by the
> missing header.
> As of my perception, this makes the list *more*
> noisy as required and renders the list archive
> less useful. Let me explain.
> If I answer simple questions that I feel capable
> to answer properly right now to help others that
> start using DSpace, I sometimes get replies such
> as "thank you, but three others told me the same
> before". So three people have spent time and
> thought on helping beginners. What a waste.
> These answers start to discourage me from answering
> questions older then an hour or two, although I might
> be one of the few people reading the list at that
> time because I am living in the european "time gap"
> between the user groups in Asia an America.
> None of the three answers went to the list archive.
> The same question will pop up on the list again
> some days later. You cant simply point somebody
> to the list archive as usual, because it does
> not contain the knowledge present on the list.
> If I see a disclosure triangle besides a new
> post in the threaded view of my mailer, I dont
> bother to answer or read a question unless I am
> interested to learn about the subject myself.
> Most questions seem to remain unheard though.
> You dont know, whether they are or not. In some
> cases, they get reposted on dspace-general, which
> is the time you know that nobody took care of them.
> Motivation to participate actively in a list might
> be different, but sometimes philantropy and selfish-
> ness come along with each other. Being visible on
> the web in a list archive demonstrates a certain
> level of knowledge and involvement. This could foster
> a kind of competition to be the first to answer and
> help every participant to get quick responses.
> Last thing. When I forgot to hit reply-all, I
> sometimes resend it to the list when I feel it
> is worth it. Today I learned that this doesnt
> cure the issue as intended. The answer is not
> contained in the threaded view in the archive
> then. I would have to reply with reply-all a
> second time, copying the former answer to the
> new message to retain the right message id.
> I hope it was not too lengthy and boring. Please
> tell me if I have misunderstood some basic concept
> of this list.
> Bye, Christian
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