If you are using JSPUI, check the “webui.itemlist.columns” option in the dspace configuration file (dspace.cfg). There are also some other options to control the width of the columns and other stuff, have a look around this option.


If you want to sort the results using the new column, see the option “webui.itemlist.sort-option...”. Keep in mind, that in such a case, you will need to add this field in the browse indexes as well.


I cannot help you, in case you are using XMLUI.








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Respected all

I have installed Dspace 3.1 on Win 2003 Server. It is working best now. I have to add a new Column for the metadata field "dc.contributor.advisor" as "Guide(s)" in Browsing. presently there are following column

Issue Date, Title, Author(s).

Let me guide or send appropriate code to add in concern files with details.


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