Hi Joao,

ok so do you think it will be implemented the next time?


Regards Marco


Am 04.03.2013 03:29, schrieb João Melo:

Hi Marco,
this functionality isn't implemented.

On 1 March 2013 14:43, <marco.weiss@kesslernetworks.de> wrote:
Hi all,

is there a way to import or edit items in dspace and check it the item
exists on a value like that is not the internal document id?

A bit more to explain what i will do...
I have a database which will be filled from to external sources.
At the the one of the sources writing new data to this database, the
database will export the new or changed data into a CSV file.
In this CSV there is a column called UUID which will be imported as
dc.identfier.uuid field in dspace.
Now what can i do to dont import every changed data as new item?
I wish to check if a item in dspace exists with that UUID because i
don't know the internal document ID nor the handle.

Is that possible with an import function of dspace or do i have to
write a script that do this kind of check against the database?

Best regards, Marco

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