Dear members of the DSpace community,

Over the last few weeks, we (Michele Kimpton and Sandy Payette) have been discussing the possibilities of our organizations collaborating.  The reasons for exploring the possibilities of collaboration are based on the following:

The missions of our non-profit organizations are very similar and we are motivated to provide the best technology and services to many of the same communities 
Over the next 12-18 months, our existing technology roadmaps suggest convergence of thought in several key areas of our architectural visions
We are both motivated to show how our open source repositories offer a unique value proposition compared to proprietary solutions

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had informal discussions with members of our communities, leaders in libraries and higher education, and Board members to get initial feedback as to whether they would support collaboration and the outcomes they would like to see as a result.

This past week, we convened members of both communities during the PASIG conference to get input and ideas regarding a collaboration.   

Thus far, all of the stakeholders we have had the opportunity to talk with have been extremely supportive and excited about the possibility of the Fedora and DSpace communities working together in some capacity.

As a result of these discussions, we have agreed to move forward in our exploration of collaborative possibilities.  Over the next several weeks our organizations will meet to plan the next steps in the process. Our intent is to bring together the ideas and expertise within both communities to come up with the most compelling issues to work on to best serve our communities.

As we move through this process it is our commitment to ensure that all discussions, meetings and decisions made are transparent and open in the hopes to engage and inform the community.

We look forward to your ideas and inputs!

Best Regards,

Michele and Sandy