Dear Dr. Wong and Dspacers:
I am on the same track with our group hosted at MIT's Sloan School of Management.
I cannot claim to represent MIT or Sloan, but represent our STS-Sustainable Development
forum and working group.  It is based in a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) called
Dot Learn or Dot LRN (.lrn)  An international consortium of Universities has formed to
further develop the tools for .lrn.  Al Essa is the Chief Information Officer at Sloan who did
invite me and my group to use that site and tools.  We have a Virtual Library for links to
pdf files, Word files, URL sites (Information).  It has a bulk email tool with selective email
too (Communication) so for a good ICT technology, this is among the best available.
We plan to use it in communities that we are going to work in.  One area of interest is
the Terai Arc in Nepal and India where their common boarder is.  We have equipment
that can heat water that kills bacteria that is killing 6,000 children under the age of five
years old everyday around the world.  The simple heating of the water, the hotter the
faster will do the job.  The technology also is rated for low pressure steam by which a
distilled water can be made.  Distilled water is 99.99% element free.  Arsenic is an
element so is lead, mercury, etc.  I plan to do a microfinance to the communities for
systems, regional assembly and water supply for drinking and growing trees in
nurseries.  The women who provide much of the work force will have children in day care
with educational delivery and a night school for them.  The United Nations has the eight
Millennium Development Goals (MDG) which we address each and every one with the focus on water.  Basic Education is another MDG, carbon sequestration, etc.
Linking to Dspace like archives such as are planned . Are you interested in this?  If so I can give you a password to enter STS (Sloan Technical Service) Sustainable Development and join the fifty or so professionals from around the world who are interested in the topics.
Best regards,
Clouston Energy Research, LLC
Sidney Clouston
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Dear colleagues,

We are looking for a research partner to collaborate in submitting a
research proposal to EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Council, UK) by 29/6/05. The aim of this proposal is to develop a
Knowledge Management System (KM) that consists of an interactive
web-based e-Learning platform and digital repository for small and
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) construction.

We would like to have a research partner who can develop a digital
repository to accommodate the construction SMEs needs. The proposed
digital repository should able to accept e-Learning, knowledge transfer
and capacity contents, including: text; image, audio and video (e.g.
articles, reports, visual simulations and models, organisational data
sets, and computer programmes).

If you find this topic interesting and relevant to your area, or someone
you know they may be interested please feel free to redirect this

Thanks for you time.


Dr  Andy Wong
Napier University

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