We need to find the total download count for a top level community that has several sub-communities and collections.  For now, just getting the answer is good enough.  Adding it to the interface can come later.  We are using DSpace 1.6, so my thought was to use the SOLR admin interface and construct a query to get the answer.  However, I’m not confident that I understand how the query should look. 


Of the fields we have to work with, the promising ones looked to be type, owningComm, owningItem.  Trial and error shows that owningComm returns multiple results, so I’m guessing it regresses back to the top most collection.  To separate item views from downloads, it looks like a might be able to use the type field, but I have no idea how to translate the type number.  From observation it looks like a type=2 might mean an item view and a type=0 might be a download.  The other possibility to separate item views from downloads would be to check for the existences of an owningItem.  Item views appear to lack this (which only makes sense).


If the above is correct, I’m thinking a query string such as [ owningComm:1 AND type:0 ] should give us what we need.  But before reporting this, it would be nice to know for sure.  Could someone confirm this or point me to documentation that would help explain the different fields in the SOLR index.




Andy Smith

Lead Technology Analysis

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