Usually, how much time do you wait to import 2000 items via the command line interface?


De: "helix84" <helix84@centrum.sk>
Para: "Alexander Bernard Lemann" <ablemann@bsu.edu>
Cc: dspace-tech@lists.sourceforge.net
Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 28 de Julho de 2011 9:17:16
Assunto: Re: [Dspace-tech] Batch metadata corrections question: does anyone know why the limit is set to just 20 items at a time?

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 14:00, Lemann, Alexander Bernard
<ablemann@bsu.edu> wrote:
> Relatedly, does anyone know how safe it is to test higher limit values?  I looked at the code to determine whether these batch edits occur within a single database transaction, but I didn't see any evidence either way.

This shouldn't be any problem at the database layer. This limit and
timeout problems concern only the web UI. I upped the limit to 2000
because I wanted to look at the "diff" in a web browser and it wasn't
a problem - but I only did the preview, not the actual import step. I
routinely run my imports of 2000 items via the command line interface.
This dspace machine has only 1 GB of memory dedicated to it.


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