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It´s very strange because the problem occurs specifically in Search after browsing by Author. Everithing else is OK.  

I´ll keep trying. ( Does Anyone Know wich aspects are related to this ? ) 

On Thursday, August 21, 2014 4:31 PM, Kostas Stamatis <kstamatis@ekt.gr> wrote:

Check URIEncoding option on tomcat configuration server.xml file, according to following: https://confluence.atlassian.com/plugins/servlet/mobile#content/view/174898



21 Αυγ 2014, 10:09 μ.μ., ο/η Marcelo Pires <piresmm@yahoo.com> έγραψε:

Hi All, 

I´m new on dspace world.

My box is a Centos 6-5, tomcat7 , java jdk, Dspace 3.1.

I´ve recently migrated our dspace site to other machine and one problem  has appeared. The previous Site works Fine (devbibspi.planejamento.gov.br). 

I´ve matched almost all ( obviously is missing one !) configuration and customizations files and checked the database encoding (UTF-8).

When I Browse by Authors, Title or Subject the items list shows fine, but when I click in one of these links the Search does not bring me any result. 

This occurs only for links with accented characters ( If i click the first "Aguiar, Alessandra" no problem  , but clicking "Assembléia Constituinte"  the header appears unformatted and nothing is retrned). 

When I Search on Advanced Search or General Search , even with accented characters it works good.  

Any suggestions ? What else ( logs, config ) can I attach for analisys ? I tried to debug since i´ve not found internal errors but my box doesn´t start with this level ( any previous error abort it) 


Marcelo Pires 


Nome dos autores
Aguiar, Alessandra [1]
Assembléia Constituinte [1]
Autoria não identificada [1]
bibspi@planejamento.gov.br [1]
Brasil, Governo [1]
Brasil, Governo::Brasil. Ministério da Defesa (MD) [2]

---- Uncode Header  and parameter for Search 

Navegação por autor "Assembléia Constituinte"

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